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Our School

Doalnara Agricultural Academy (Philippines) was established by our Teacher Suksun.

Our school is following the Basic Education Curriculum from the

Department of Education (Dep-Ed).

Although our students were gaining the knowledge in language study, composition,

spelling, mother tongue and mathematics, our school made education plain and simple.

Consequently, Virtues were put into practice in everyday life of the students:

they used to bow in 45 degrees to greet elders and supervisors.

They always say the word “thank you” as they received something.

They are also “sorry” when getting hurt to somebody.

They easily forgive others mistake, for they know that by forgiving, God will also forgive them.

They also practice keeping exact time in every meetings held.

And many more good things they do in real life situations.

Children’s etiquette were highly based from the teachings in the Bible:

“Love God with all your heart and do not fight your brethren but live happily with them.”

Doalnara students have to wake up 4:00 early in the morning to gather together

in the worship hall, thanking God for the new life and asking guidance for the entire day as well.

Most especially they're hoping for their mission & vision as goal in life will be fulfilled.


Our School is situated somewhere at the foot of Mt. Balatucan, Aposkahoy, Claveria, Misamis Oriental.

In our school, the moral power of the students is strengthened by being obedient to the laws of health.

You can't find any student indulged in drinking liquor, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs and acting violence.

In reality, our school can be called a heavenly school. You can only find students living harmoniously

as real brothers and sisters. It is the character of Doalnara students to embrace all humanity

with a broad heart as real brethren.


Morning classes are spent in the classroom studying general topics in addition to etiquette,

traditional culture and instruments. Natural organic farm methods are discussed and studied.

Moreover, students are taught to honor their parents first and would serve them as visible gods before

serving the invisible God devotedly.


Afternoon lessons are held to take the lessons learned in the morning and apply them to life.

Students practiced hands-on natural organic farm methods: to make a study of the soil for seed,

learn how to plant, cultivate and gather in the harvest.


Students and teachers as well, learn lessons found in the mysteries and ways

of nature as mountains, rocks, bamboo, water, dirt, etc.

Although these nature friends' lesson of purity and simplicity which is most essential for humans

to possess could be attained.

Our school strengthened the sympathetic understanding of the teachers and parents.

They labor together harmoniously, striving together to benefit the children physically,

mentally and spiritually. Our students are given physical training as well,

to guide them throughout life lessons of respect, obedience, reverence and self-control

in which to develop character that will stand against all test of temptations.

Doalnara Agricultural Academy is a school where the

harmony of love and firmness are implemented to the children in order for them to

quickly learn to respect and love the authority of their parents and teachers.


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