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How Doalnara Agricultural Academy Came to Be


How nice getting remember of moments, times and days of past when  hearts only overwhelmed  with love and obedience to the commands. Going back in the years of 1994, few families  from Libodon, Surigao del Sur, Valencia, Bukidnon and from Butuan City settle in the grassy, foggy elevated mountain of Sitio San Roque, Aposkahoy, Claveria, Misamis Oriental. None were being idle. Everyone trying hard to help one another building bunk houses to live in.

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”. Thus, a literacy environment was created. Children were gathered according to their age group and according to their last grade attended before they country living. A very shabby old church building that was served as goat shelter was being cleaned to be their classroom. There were elementary and secondary classes. In spite of the inconvenient situations and conditions of learning still you can behold the appearance of gratefulness and kindness in their eyes since the class were filled with prayers and the students were obedient. Sometimes mountains, river banks, shade of trees were their open air classroom to feel-off the boredom. Teachers and students learn a lot from Natures. Since according to the Great Teacher Suk Sun Nature is the first Bible so they love Nature Studies.

At first they named the school, Prince Michael then changed to Decalogue Stone Country. Still the name was not realized since it’s not yet recognized. But even that the school always abounds with peace, love and respect for each other. Truly it is a school of no juvenile delinquency since it is their sole object of education to restore God image into man’s soul.




A two- story building set on the seven (7) hectares lot solely set aside for educational structure while the vast track of land is the haven of life sustained production of food.

The Doalnara Agricultural Academy, started its (First Year to Fourth Year) in the school year 2002-2003 under temporary permit. It continued to operate the said courses in the school year 2003-2004 under Temporary Permit No. 307, s. 2003-2004 for the elementary course and Temporary Permit No. 25, s. 2003 for the secondary course. When finally around 2005 Doalnara Agricultural Academy received the approved Government Recognition for Elementary and High school from the Department of Education.  

Though Aposkahoy is thirty- five (35) kilometers far from the Municipality of Claveria, the school and community have gained distinct reputation and confidence by the surrounding communities in the agricultural practices and care of nature. Starting from the town of Claveria , the school through the students and teachers untiring effort were able to present performances that the people were not getting bored of it.

High ranking position in the Department of Education Regional Office , the Director of Education, two (2) Regional Directors came to see the school and place and they remarked our students that the right conduct that they taught in their school  is only in theory but in Doalnara Academy it is their lifestyle. Teachers from other district were envious why the Regional Directors from Education spare their time to visit a certain school which is 65 km. from the city of Cagayan de Oro and not even visit their school.

Doalnara Agricultural Academy gained high regards in the world it is because of someone who lies behind with His simple teachings to honor and serve parents as visible God. Educate students both at school and in the home to build characters to grow up to be a blessing to the world. Never to see exclusion, violence, smoking or deviation which are of great concern in the world today. Teaching the beautiful life of sacrifice and service of love for others happiness by completely throwing away the selfishness and greed in the heart that cause us to be unhappy. That’s Doalnara Agricultural Academy came to be.


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